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Bargain Hunting in the Bay Area

This is a very different shopping experience. You’ll drive down a quiet back road that leads to a lane that ends at Cottage Garden’s 3-acre growing and selling area. There’s also no phone, no comfort facilities, and only a cardboard table for transacting business. If you shop with kids, they’ll love the chickens hopping freely around the plants. The owner, a landscape contractor, starts his plants from cuttings and seeds and specializes in common and uncommon perennials, native grasses, woody ornamentals, and some trees. Rows and rows of plants (most in 1-gallon containers) in various stages of growth. Unless you are a plant pro, you’ll need to wait for a “walk through” to identify the various plants, which are often not labeled. It’s sometimes wet and muddy, so wear your oldest shoes. Type -A people might want to bring the morning paper to make the wait for service easier when too many customers show up at the same time.

The prices: Most perennials are $3 (1 gallon); woody ornamental shrubs, $3.50 (1 gallon); 5-gallon trees, $35 to $40; trees in 24-inch boxes about $120. Plants include six to seven varieties of daylilies, penstemon, yarrow, cone flower, rudbeckia, salvia, agapanthus, amaryllis, cranesbill (true geraniums), verbenas, potato vine, clematis, hibiscus, sedum, liriope, camellias, scented geraniums, dianthus,contoneaster, butterfly bush, Mexican evening primrose, Japanese maples, crepe myrtle, bushes and trees and more. The plants are “acclimated” (grown in the open) and are less likely to incur transplant shock. Finally, many customers have extended existing plantings by bringing in cuttings from their gardens for propagation.

Updates to This Review

Picnic table instead of a cardboard table for transactions.

No more chickens, but neighborhood cat is very friendly.

Now 5 acres instead of
3 acres.

More plant tags, but we still offer tours!

Great new demonstration garden.

New portapotty installed. It’s blue and clean.
“The plants are “acclimated” (grown in the open) and are less likely to incur transplant shock.”